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If You've Been Pricking Your Finger to Test Glucose Levels...

Then you may be suffering needlessly!  Pin prick glucose tests originated in 1971.  Don’t you think they would have developed better technology by now?

The world has moved on, and so should you!  If you’re 65 or older, prick your finger 3 times a day or more, and test your insulin at least 4 times a day, there is a new & much better way for you!

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6 Reasons to See if You Qualify

If you qualify, you could greatly reduce the pain, hassle, and expenses…

Pricking 3 times of day can cause sore spots

Avoid sore spots caused by excessive finger pricking, while improving the consistency of your glucose monitoring, painlessly.

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Losing track of your tracking?

Many diabetes patients find it difficult to keep track of so many finger pricks throughout the day.  A continuous monitoring system can eliminate pain, & uncertainty.

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Eliminate late night testing

Testing in the middle of the night is the pits! Eliminate the worry and inconvenience of outdated methods if you qualify.

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Reduce Inconvenience

Keeping track of glucose meters, testing strips, & other scattered equipment may be a thing of the past for you now!
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Reduce Stress

Spikes in glucose levels often result in stressful emotions for many diabetics.  If this is a common problem for you, we have an answer!

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Improved Diabetes Management

Diabetes is better controlled and managed with the latest continuous monitoring systems.

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Ready to Discover a Better Quality of Life?

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The New & Advanced Way of Dealing With Diabetes

Because You Deserve Better!

More Monitoring, Less Pain!

If you qualify, our system will eliminate finger pricking and other hassles associated with the outdated methods of checking glucose and injecting insulin.
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Little Cost to You

Depending on your coverage, you may qualify for all of this, at very little cost to you!
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If this is right for you, you’ll soon be enjoying computer precision reliability, so you can spend your time and energy thinking about what matters most to you, instead of tracking your levels and running tests all day!
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Enjoy the convenience of letting the latest technology handle everything for you, while you enjoy the life you deserve!
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Low Cost

If you have Medicare, you may qualify for an entire upgrade of your system and quality of life, at little cost to you!
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Quality of Life

Think of how good life can be, with just a few clumsy obstacles removed and replaced with the new technology you’re about to discover!
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